Please Read: The policies and clarifications in this document apply to both our customers and those who are simply visiting Jobmaldives.io.com. We encourage all to read this document thoroughly and ensure that they understand its contents. If anyone needs clarification, they should direct their questions to a member of our customer service team.

Changes to Our Disclaimers And Other Policies

We reserve the right to make changes to any of our policy pages including this one as we deem it necessary. We may make these changes with no prior warning. However, any time a policy page is changed, we will add a message to the text on our home page.

Keep in mind that these messages will only be displayed for a brief time. Please keep in mind that everyone is responsible for knowing and understanding all of our policies, regardless of whether or not they are aware of any changes. Please read our policy pages frequently.

Legally Permitted Use of Our Website

By reading the content on our website, placing an order, communicating with us in any way, or otherwise interacting with Jobmaldives.io.com, you affirm that you are legally allowed to do so. This includes local statutes and ordinances, county, state, local, federal, and international laws.

Further, the onus of determining whether or not it is legal to use our website or services is completely upon the customer or visitor. We accept no responsibility or liability for legal consequences that could result. This includes legal penalties of any kind, personal damages, or distress.

Clients and visitors agree not to use this website or any of our associated blogs or social media pages to engage in illegal behavior. This includes, but is not limited to stalking, harassing, or threatening our staff, consultants, vendors, or other clients.

Use of our site is intended for adults, or those who are legally able to seek employment.  However, those who have not reached the age of majority must only use our services with parental consent.

In order to comply with international law, and to ensure the safety and protection of children along with their identities, we officially and firmly ban the use of our website and services for anyone  under the age of 13.

If we believe that anyone is using our site illegally, or is using our site to commit crimes of any sort we will terminate their accounts immediately. Depending on the nature of the violation we perceive, we reserve the right to contact legal authorities and send any necessary information on to them. Our financial and personal privacy policies do not apply in the event of suspected illegal behavior.

Should anyone suffer negative consequences personally or professionally, we are not liable.

Anyone submitting documents or other content to us automatically affirms that they have rights to those documents, and that they are legally allowed to distribute them to us. They also assume full liability should legal action be taken.

Other Potential Consequences For Using Our Services

It is possible to suffer personal or professional consequences from using our services. However, we  have taken every reasonable step to ensure that nothing we do will in any way contribute to these negative consequences.

Here are some things that clients must understand:

Using Our Services Does Not Guarantee That They Will Get a Job or be Called For Interviews. We Aren’t Responsible For Clients Who do The Following:

Make Purchases or Enter Into Financial Contracts Assuming They Will Get a Job

Quit Their Current Jobs Before They Have Secured Employment

Arrange to Relocate Without Securing a New Position

Jobmaldives.io Keeps All Business Dealings Strictly Confidential. Clients May Disclose Their Relationship to us. We Are Not Responsible if Negative Consequences  Result.

Our Clients Assume Full Responsibility For The Information They Give to Us. We Are Not Responsible if That Reputation is Deceptive or Misleading.

Terms of Use

We consider our terms of use page to be our master policy document. We make every effort to ensure consistency across all of our policy documents. However, in the event that there is a conflict or discrepancy, our terms of use page will apply.

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